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First Step: A VIRTUAL Consultation

Getting help is easy. In most cases the first step is a Virtual Consultation (Virtual). During this one hour virtual session ($65), we will discuss the issues you are having in detail and develop a plan to overcome them, customized for your situation and lifestyle. I will give you basic instructions to experiment with and lay down a foundation for improving the behavior. I will try to provide follow up advice/help through email or text (within reason).

Sometimes that’s enough to get you where you want to be. Other times more in-depth help will be needed, which I can provide through In-Person Lessons and/or Training Visits in Oklahoma City. 


In-Person Lessons

After we have discussed the problems you are having and have laid down a foundation for improving the behavior, an In-Person Lesson (approx. 60 min, $120) may be recommended. There are just certain things I cannot do without having you and the dog in front of me. During this Lesson we will test and practice different ways to address the issues until we come up with a protocol that can effectively and safely be performed by your family. You will receive written instructions and video where applicable to ensure you are able to continue the progress when I am gone. Discounted packages are available after the first In-Person Lesson. In-Person Lessons are only available in Oklahoma City. 



In some cases, it may be beneficial for me to work with your dog without family members present. The advantage of Training Visits is that they allow me to focus on the dog and work more efficiently to “drill” certain skills, which then makes it easier for the family to reinforce and implement. An example of a Training Visit might be for me to take your dog to a park and work on your dog’s reactive behavior towards other dogs. 

Training Visits are not helpful for every situation and I only do them if I think they will be helpful for your particular situation. And they are definitely not a way to excuse yourself from being involved! I will need to work with you and your family, and you will need to practice if you are serious about improving the behavior. 

Training Visits are generally between 45-60min and provided in multi-visit packages. Prices start at $60 per visit, depending on your location, the issue we are addressing, and the number of visits booked.

Financial Assistance

If you cannot afford the fee,  please don’t let that stop you from contacting me. As long as you are committed and willing to do the work, we can figure out a solution that meets your budget.

That being said, I ask that you please pay the full fee if you are able. I want to make sure that high quality behavior services are available to anyone that is serious about helping their dogs regardless of their financial situation. But the only way I can do that is if the people who can afford it pay my full fee.





Why ARE YOU here?

  • Maybe you feel afraid that your dog might bite a stranger.
  • Maybe you feel embarrassed by your dog freaking out in public.
  • Maybe you feel nervous that your dog has been growling or snapping at you or others in certain situations. 
  • Maybe you feel frustrated that you can’t leave the house without your dog causing havoc.
  • Maybe you feel guilty that you don’t “do enough” to help your dog.
  • Maybe you just want to give your dog the best life ever.

Why AM I Here?

I am here to help you reach your goals. But I can’t do it without you – if we can come up with a “quick fix” for a problem, then great! But when we are working with complex behavior, that is often not realistic – a lot of times these behaviors are rooted in deeply ingrained habits and/or emotions. It will take some work and commitment on your part to make real change – and what you put in will likely be what you take out. I always take into consideration what you are willing and able to do when creating your training plans.

If you’re a Vet Tech, Dog Daycare employee, Groomer, or work with pets in any other way, ask me about the pet professional discount! 



Margaret Barnett