I Love Helping Rescues & Shelters With Their Hard-to-Adopt Dogs!

I have a wealth of experience working with dogs that are difficult to adopt due to various behavior issues. Through A Different Kind of Dog Rescue Project, I can help you make your long-stay dogs more adoptable and more marketable while working within your budget. 

If you are an Oklahoma City Rescue or Shelter, here are just some ways I can help you with your long-stay dogs:

  • I can work on their skills on site or at foster homes
  • I can take them off-site for exposure/socialization to new environments and around people/other dogs
  • I can help decrease reactive/unsociable behavior at your adoption events
  • I can provide behavior plans for your staff/volunteers/fosters
  • I can conduct meet and greets or develop introduction protocols to help you reliably introduce to potential adopters and/or other dogs
  • I can create “Take-Home” behavior instructions for adopters
  • I can create video or live content to promote the dog on your social media
  • I can conduct behavior evaluations to help you better understand a dog’s needs
  • I promote all Rescue Project dogs on our Instagram account (@differentdogrescueproject)
  • I provide free training/behavior support to all Rescue Project adopters to help minimize returns (may be contingent on my familiarity with the dog)

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do you have an Adoptable Dog that has been in your system for too long? I can Help!